Our Services & Legal Fees:

  • Legal Fees are charged at an hourly rate for the attorney’s time.
  • A retainer fee deposit will be required before representation.
  • Billing is done in minimum quarter hour increments.


  • Assistance creating order out of the initial chaos after the separation.
  • Guidance and advice throughout the divorce process.
  • Help surviving the emotional strain and financial strain of divorce.
  • Help making choices so post divorce life is the best it can be.

Any divorce is a difficult and emotional time that can be even more difficult if you are not informed of your rights, and the requirements of the Family Law Courts. Our office can offer informed advice about such issues as child custody, child support, visitation, domicile restriction, and the division of community and separate property. Whether your divorce is a simple, uncontested matter that needs to be handled efficiently, or a complicated, contested matter with multiple issues, we have the experience and expertise to handle you needs.

Child Custody:

  • The opportunity to create outcomes that will foster a loving significant relationship with your child or children despite the divorce
  • Joint custody assistance
  • Primary custody assistance
  • Representation to ask the Judge to order the children live near you and the custodial parent not be allowed to move them away so you can maintain your relationship with them.

In no area of the family law do you need to be a more informed party then when it comes to what is in the best interest of your children in a divorce or a modification. Whether the process is part of the initial divorce or some circumstances after the divorce, that result in a possible change of custody, parents must have proper legal advice in order to assure themselves that they are doing what is in the best interest of the children.

We will sit down with you and discuss your children, your facts, and your rights so you can make informed decisions about the custody of your children.


  • Achieve visitation in the best interests of the child or children
  • Advice on how to maximize your legal position to achieve the best visitation schedule
  • Enforce visitation orders of the court

Q: Do you want to remain an involved parent after a divorce?

Q: Are you afraid that your spouse may move away so your ability to have a relationship with your children is severely affected?
Randy Essenburg's Law Firm helps you know your rights when it comes to working within the legal process to enable you to keep your relationship with your children a healthy active one. Whether at the time of the initial divorce or a post divorce modification, our office will work with the family courts, make sure you have access to your children, and keep, or improve, visitation schedules so that the precious time you spend with your children is maximized.

A very important issue, that the Texas Family Courts are ruling on, is the restriction of one parent from moving away with the children. Our office will assist you in preventing your former spouse from moving away, thereby keeping your children close and allowing you the meaningful access you want. Please contact Randy Essenburg to discuss this very important issue of “domicile restriction”.

Property & Debt Division:

  • Guidance through the property and debt division laws and legal processes to achieve some fairness
  • Consultation (answering your questions) regarding the division of property and debt and insight into the perspective of the courts.

At the time of divorce the division of the marital property can be more complicated than most people realize. You need to have good legal advice on what your rights are in appropriately dividing the marital property.

The community and separate property laws in the State of Texas are such that you need an experienced attorney to make sure your rights are protected.

For example, if there is property that was owned by you prior to the marriage, or property given to you as a gift or through inheritance, then your spouse may not have a community property claim to that asset.

Another issue is the existence of retirement funds. Were they accumulated during the marriage such that they are community property?

Consult with our office about your property rights.

Post Divorce Modifications:

  • Advice on how to achieve your legal goal after divorce
  • Assistance preparing a plan on how to attain your legal goals

Child Support Collection / Defense:

  • Protection of your rights regarding child support orders
  • Legal representation in court regarding child support issues

Whether you are owed child support by your spouse, or you are the one that owes the child support, the Courts have very strict rules and policies that could affect your rights.

Child Support is Owed to you:
If you need assistance collecting child support, we can inform you of your rights, and the powers of the Court to assist you in getting the child support that is owed to you. Our office can help you avail yourself of the powerful vehicles to enforce that child support collection.

You Owe Child Support:
On the other side, if you are being sued for child support, it is worth while to hire an attorney to defend you. Clearly in most circumstances our office can help you with child support issues that could protect you from child support demands that are improper or not within the guidelines of the family courts.

How do you know if you are paying the appropriate amount of child support ? It is possible that you may be paying inappropriate child support, and have that obligation for all the years until that child or children reach the age of majority? The only way to be sure about these issues is to get proper legal advice. Consult with us before you make decisions that could obligate you for years, or subject you to further enforcement.


  • Assistance ensuring a significant relationship between the parents and the child or children is fostered
  • Protection of parent's rights as it relates to the child
  • Establish who are the biological parents, establish visitation and/or child support.