Some of Our Success Stories

By James:
Quick story of how Randy helped me out.

Going into a custody battle, I told Randy that I had not seen my daughter in several weeks, and just wanted the right to see her. I told him I would like to have joint custody with her being with me half of the time. After telling him the situation, he prepared the suit, and within 30 days, I had temporary full custody of my daughter. Within 6-months, I had permanent full custody of my daughter.

I have since needed Randy's service's again, and once again we went to court and received all we were going for. I do believe that Randy is dedicated to helping his clients, and has the knowledge to represent in them in a very professional manner.


By Rob:

I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone what an amazing job that Randy Essenburg and his staff have done for my family and I! From day one Randy and his staff were always there for us, in court, after hours or on the weekends. I could always count on Mrs. Lorretta and Mrs. Maggie to be there if I just needed someone to talk to or to answer some questions for me. They both are amazing people and I can’t tell you how much they helped me get through a very difficult part of my life!

I was amazed at the compassion that Randy showed for my family and I. He never once made me feel like I was just another client! His attention to detail and ability to always be the most prepared definitely showed in the courtroom. I think that Randy’s compassion and knowledge of the Family Court system is definitely a defining factor in how successful he is in the courtroom, but I think the thing that separates him from his peer’s is his undeniable drive to guarantee that his clients best interest are always at heart!

Randy and his staff changed my family’s life in so many ways and for that they will always a large spot reserved in our hearts!

Thank you, Rob Wood

By Charlie:

I met Randy Essenburg at the 302nd courtroom in Dallas. Rather unceremoniously, in a quiet chamber, the judge signed the final paperwork officially granting a change of custody for my 16 year old son would now live with me. Finally, after a multi-year battle and one of the most difficult periods of adult life, we could look forward to better days. I confess, because of the angst and occasional brutality of the battle, I had often thought about quitting, giving up and walking away but I knew that would mean leaving my son behind in a very dangerous place. I am eternally grateful to Randy for his support and excellent council throughout this challenging ordeal.

If you are reading this perhaps you too, like me four years ago, are wondering: “What am I going to do to make things right for my kids?” “How will I ever get out from under the burden I now face with my ex-spouse?”

My ex-spouse had so poisoned my son against me that he would neither look at me or speak to me. On several occasions she deliberately absconded him when I would arrive to pick him up for a court ordered visit. He was in serious trouble at school, having missed a month’s worth of regular classes and pulling straight “F”s. I was worried sick and sensed that if I didn’t stand up for him, no one would and he seemed to be fading fast. To make matters worse, I had fallen seriously behind in my child support payments and my ex-spouse wanted me behind bars, things were not good.

Without Randy’s steady and expert guidance I would never have been able to right so many wrongs. Randy is much more than a highly skilled family law attorney, he’s a wonderful father who has personally been to the battlefield for his own kids. His wisdom and encouragement kept me sane throughout some extremely rough encounters with my millionaire ex-wife, whose sole purpose was to ruin me and estrange my son from me.

Today, the situation is vastly different and much improved. My son’s grades have shot up, not perfect but entirely acceptable. His attendance is near perfect. He continues to build a foundation of self-esteem and self-sufficiency. Each school morning he gets himself up, makes his bed, straightens his room, makes himself breakfast and is out the door to catch the bus. Anyone familiar with his history knows we are talking about a miracle. Even more miraculous is the fact that two weeks ago the school officially released him from the stigma of being a “Special Ed” student, all of his recent improvements have come without taking the ADD drugs his misguided mother forced him take for the last decade.

If you face what I faced, I can wholeheartedly recommend the caring and intelligent team of Randy, Maggie, Loretta and Mario without a sliver of hesitation, they are all professionals of the highest order. If you want results and change you can’t go wrong with Randy Essenburg, he’s highly experienced and smart, he wields a scalpel or a sledge hammer with equal finesse. Randy will never deviate from doing what’s best for your kids. In my humble opinion, he is the very best, he will certainly see you through the dark times and over the mountains you face. Randy can offer you a strong hand at the helm to get you back to where you so rightly belong, close to your kids. Should you wish to speak to me directly, it will be my great pleasure to endorse a true champion.

Charlie - November 08